03 Embrace Personal Growth

Step Three: Embrace Personal Growth by seeking feedback, adapting to survive and enjoying life.  

Seeking Feedback Resources

  1. This article focuses on how tech savvy companies solicit feedback from customers, including Apple, Uber, Starbucks, Hyatt and Nordstrom’s.   
    • “10 Customer Feedback Examples from Famous Companies,” Outcry, August 3, 2019 (Click Here)
  2. A lengthy article goes into detail about the dangers and limitation of feedback, as well as some good pointers on how to make feedback valuable. 
    • “The Feedback Fallacy,” Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall. Harvard Business Review, March–April 2019, (Click Here).

Adapting to Survive Resources

  1. Wouldn’t a photographic memory be great? How many times would it prevent key points from being forgotten in a presentation? One way to adapt if you don’t have a photographic memory, is practice learning information to address the forgetting curve. 
    • “Neuroscience and a Dose of Emotional Intelligence Reveal a Simple Trick to Learn More With Less Effort,” Jeff Haden. Inc., June 25, 2021 (Click Here).
  2. A short article to rewire how the brain thinks about habits and how to change the brain’s chemistry by relabeling, reattributing, refocusing and revaluing as part of an adapt to survive strategy.
    • “4 Scientifically Proven Steps to Breaking Even Your Worst Habit,” Matthew E. May. INC. June 22, 2016 (Click Here).

Enjoying Life Resources

  1. Enjoying life can be achieved in quick, easy easy actions, as noted in this article. 
    • “7 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Enjoy Life Outside of Work,” Giancarlo Milanesi. Entrepreneur, March 7, 2021 (Click Here)
  2. Enjoying life requires happiness. Too often, happiness is undermined by thoughts and actions that just aren’t productive. Some good advice on realigning thoughts and actions with happiness.
    • “10 Bad Habits That Could Be Destroying Your Happiness,” Lolly Daskal. Inc., March 3, 2016 (Click Here).