e3Business Approach

e3Business embraces three principles:

  1. Aligned beliefs are necessary for success.
  2. All organizations are a system.
  3. Collaboration heightens success.

These principles form the basis for e3Business’ approach to working with clients to achieve their objectives. From these principles, e3Business develops culture around three core beliefs:

  1. Employ a situational perspective.
  2. Apply a systems approach.
  3. Embrace adaptability.

Each of these core beliefs is supported in three parts, resulting in 9 beliefs that can guide the strategic approach to almost any situation. On the tactical level, e3Business has developed 21 tools that prompt the actions necessary. The e3Tools address:

  1. Systems
  2. Collaboration
  3. Processes

The e3Business approach is a process that can be adapted to focus on pressing needs or can be used to discover underlying problems. All 9 beliefs and 21 tools are not meant to be implemented at one time. Each business will have certain beliefs and tools that provide the greatest benefit to their company.