Welcome to e3Business

e3Business, LLC provides easy, effective and efficient business advocacy, consulting services and staff development utilizing the principles that:

  1. Aligned beliefs are necessary for success.
  2. All organizations are a system. 
  3. Collaboration heightens success. 

e3Business’ management approach is based on promoting core beliefs supporting Six Steps: 

  1. Employ a Situational Perspective
    • What people, events and friction are involved?
  2. Conduct an Appraisal
    • What are the organization’s construction, measurements and rules?
  3. Embrace Personal Growth
    • What feedback, adaptions and opportunities are available?
  4. Apply a Systems Approach
    • What are the organizations level’s, process and behavior?
  5. Foster Collaboration
    • Promote communications, positive relationships, understanding, needs, time management and preparedness.
  6. Focus on the Mission
    • Assess, Plan, Apply Criteria and Implement.

For examples of the e3Business Principles and Six Steps, Click Here.

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