I. Aligned beliefs are required for success


  1. The importance of corporate culture is stressed by a previous long-term employee of Google.
    • “Google’s Former Head of HR Issues a Warning That All Business Owners and Leadership Teams Should Read,” Michael Schneider. Inc. September 20, 2019 (Click Here).
  2. A more recent example of how dissonance between a company’s beliefs and a founder’s belief created conflict.
    • “I’m a terrible person”: Behind the Epic Meltdown that Ended Travis Kalanick,” Mike Isaac. Vanity Fair, September 3, 2019 (Click Here).  
  3. A German entrepreneur argued for “stamped” money based on the belief that capitalism had conflicting beliefs between ‘money should be saved’ and ‘money is necessary for business.’
    • “The ‘Strange, Unduly Neglected Prophet,'” Greg Rosalky. NPR Planet Money, August 27, 2019, (Click Here).