01 Employ a Situational Perspective

Step One: Employ a Situational Perspective by considering individual perspectives, the event cycle and friction.

Individual Perspective Resources

  1. Fortune’s article on the shrinking middle class is filled with fascinating details, including that almost all Americans identify as middle class. The basis for this perception is complex and engrossing.
    • “The Shrinking Middle Class,” Fortune Staff. Fortune, December 20, 2018 (Click Here).
  2. Considering individual’s perspectives means that each individual’s unique viewpoint is considered. In the 19th paragraph of the book excerpt, Sayers addresses his unique field vision.
    • “The Brothers Sayers: Big legend Gale Sayers and little legend Roger Sayers (from my Omaha Black Sports Legends series, Out to Win: The Roots of Greatness),” Leo Adam Biga. Omaha Black Sports Legends excerpt, August 15, 2010 (Click Here).
  3. Individual perspectives, beliefs and filters all contribute to errors in processing information–or “logical fallacies.” Bo Bennett, PhD, literally wrote the book on logical fallacies and maintains a great website.

Event Cycle Resources

  1. Evernote is an interesting example of a company that didn’t change fast enough. It was too successful to fail, yet successful enough to go public. It has been, in essence, “stuck” in the maintaining stage.
    • “A Unicorn Lost in the Valley, Evernote Blows Up the ‘Fail Fast’ Gospel,” Erin Griffith. The New York Times, June 28, 2019 (Click Here).
  2. One of the common issues with evaluating event stages is reviewing the starting and maintaining stages based on information from a later changing stage. “The Stupidest Business Decisions in History” identifies many “mistakes” that suffer from this error. I am sure that Decca Records regretted signing The Beatles, but they made their decision based on the information available.
    • The Stupidest Business Decisions in History, Neatorama.com, April 15, 2008  (Click Here).

Friction Resources

  1. A village in Wales lost their internet every morning. The cause was a wicked problem.
    • “An entire village lost its broadband at the same time every day for 18 months. Now we know why,” Jack Guy. CNN, September 22, 2020, (Click Here).