04 Apply a Systems Approach

Step Four: Apply a Systems Approach by understanding the system levels, system processes and system behavior.

System Levels Resources (Strategic, Operational, Tactical)

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System Processes Resources (Sell, Deliver, Collect)

  1. Delivery apps were a new way for restaurants to both sell and deliver their product, but their success has been detrimental to some restaurants.
    • “Restaurants rebel against delivery apps as cities crack down on fees,” Benjamin Pu. NBC News, May 21, 2020 (Click Here).
  2. In order to deliver care, hospitals need open beds. In order to open beds, some hospitals are taking steps to facilitate discharging patients by providing housing, nutrition and transportation.
    • “Hospitals are getting into the housing business,” Caitlin Owens. Axios, October 3, 2019 (Click Here).

System Behavior Resources (Ground Rules, Guiding Principles, Code of Conduct)

  1. Lego’s FRKE approach to customer service was created because many of the customer service inquiries don’t elicit a standard reply. The FRKE approach provides employees the guiding principles for individualized responses.
    • Lego Customers Lose Millions of Pieces a Year. The Company’s 4-Word Response Is the Best I’ve Ever Seen, Jason Aten. Inc., November 7, 2021 (Click Here).
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