About This Book

The objective of this book—we’re strong believers in objectives—is to make the reader’s life easier. Specifically, this book is aimed at increasing success, while decreasing failure. The effect of these changes should be a more productive, rewarding and happier life. That’s right—our objective is to change your life.

We try to present our concepts in very simple terms—which sometimes might seem redundant—so that each section can be easily and quickly presented to others who aren’t so interested in ideas to manage organizations. In the API e3Tools section of the book, we repeatedly use one simple, easy to understand scenario regarding the proverbial barn door that might have you loving, then possibly hating, and ultimately developing an admirable acceptance of ranch hands faced with cattle-loss issues. We hope that this simple approach makes it easy to communicate our concepts to others.

While this book hammers the barn door scenario, we believe that the concepts of this book can be applied to all aspects of life, including parenting, marriage and writing. We understand that this is a lofty objective, but we think you are worth it. We think we are all worthy of improvement, including ourselves. How each individual chooses to manifest their more productive, rewarding and happier life is up to that individual, but we feel certain that the result will be a more productive, rewarding and happier world. That’s right–we are out to change the world.

Our commitment to you includes:
 We will try not to be judgmental;
 We will try to be entertaining and occasionally funny;
 We will try to be concise;
 We will try to present information as simply as possible;

We believe it is helpful to read this book in sequence, but we are also big believers in adaptability. If you want to skip between sections, feel free. Go crazy, you non-conformist. The book is divided into three basic sections. “Part I: Introduction” introduces the book, its authors, our principles and addresses some housekeeping issues. “Part II: e3Tools Beliefs” presents the ideas that support the e3Tools presented in “Part III: e3Tools.”

We hope that you enjoy this book and find it useful. Jim and Brett enjoyed writing this book together and believe that like-minded individuals will find it helpful. We hope that you are like-minded and we hope that we improve your life. As we conclude at the end of the e3Tools Beliefs section, we think it is important to enjoy life and hope this book allows you to do that.

Jim and Brett

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