About Our Clients

e3Business’ principal has been involved in a broad spectrum of business activity since 2003, including:

  • Developing a solo physician practice into one of the few Functional Medicine groups in the country.
  • Assisting a medical practice to survive the unplanned withdrawal of a 50% owner, including maintaining the business through its acquisition.
  • Evaluating the expansion of integrative medicine through hybrid practice models, wellness centers and the formation of an integrative medicine cooperative.
  • Providing risk management services to a start-up medical malpractice risk retention group.
  • Recruiting physicians for a variety of medical practices.
  • Executing the purchase and development of a medical office building.
  • Managing a specialty blood draw management company.
  • Managing complementary and alternative medical services.

e3Business has also helped many people and businesses over the years who never became clients because e3Business felt it wasn’t in the potential client’s best interest.